Support the Group

If you are a parent of a member and would like to offer further support to the group, there are some great ways you can help.

Become a leader:-
If you can give up a couple of hours a week and you are interested in joining scouting and becoming an adult leader as part of a successful team email to find out how you can help.

Demonstrate a skill:-
If you have a particular skill which we could use within the group whether you can juggle and help us with circus skills badge or you can show scouts how to service a car, we'd like your help. Please contact the group scout leader via the contact us link.

We’re always looking for new ways to fund raise, so if you have a great idea , please let us know. Please continue to support our troop through our web shop.

Group Executive:-
Become a member of the group executive and help in the management of the group assets, leader recruitment and administration of the group.